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Botanical Garden Berlin Germany

Botanical Garden Berlin Germany

The botanical garden Berlin Germany is one of the most beautiful botanic gardens in the world. Consisting of several buildings and glass houses, the total area of the Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin covers a surface of about 50 hectares and it includes more than 20,000 different plant species. The glass houses cover a surface of about 6000 m2.

When it comes to the number of species, the Berlin Botanical Garden is in third place worldwide. Even in winter visitors can enjoy to explore the plants of various tropical regions of the world such as Africa, Australia, East Asia etc. As in the majority of Botanic Gardens usual, no dogs are allowed. In different greenhouses presented, the Botanical Garden Berlin contains plants from the deserts of southern Africa, such as the famous Welwitschia and the famous giant water lily, a large collection of begonias, orchids and bromeliad families, as well as the great variety of tropical ferns and many others. Some plants are older than 150 years.


The construction was carried out between 1897 and 1910, under the guidance of architect Adolf Engler, with the purpose to present exotic plants returned from German colonies. Today, the Botanical Garden is part of the Free University of Berlin. Besides the garden there is also The Botanical Museum, with a herbarium and a large scientific library. There is a number of resting and relaxing places, where you can study literature, or search for protection against the rain.

For example, in the center of an ornamental garden named “Japanese Love” you can enjoy the japanese arbour, which represents the flora and fauna of East Asia. in the center of the arboretum you will find the “Arbour of Roses” built as a semi–circular building from basalt lava, which is surrounded by wild roses. There is a “systematic section” situated in the northwest corner of the garden, in which the plants were arranged according to their relationships. This part of the garden was destroyed in April and May 1945 by air raids, artillery fire and ground battles and rebuilt in a modified form.


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